Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon APK

Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon APK

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Publish Date: 2018-08-24

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Appjap Editor's Team Note (Android Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon 1.2)
Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon App is developed by Sysapp Tools Studio and published in Art & Design category on 2018-08-24. Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon 's latest version is 1.2. According to our rating team, Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon 's rating score is 0 / 5. Please let us know any kind of comments or problems you face by commenting below.

Design Logo, Poster, Banner, iCon Description

"Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon” is a unique graphic design tool with multi-graphics graphics mode, with rich graphics library for optional editing and creation. Images such as Logo, Banner, Poster, Logopit, iCon, Name card ... are not limited to creativity, multi-color images and image gallery icons and Texture in your design.

"Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon" free graphic design, creative graphic tools to create real graphic products for the creative needs of graphics art.

"Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon" is a professional tool to build a strong business brand. mind for a few minutes.

"Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon" design diverse graphics products for business such as: fashion, sports, automotive, art, website, mobile application, mobile web , education, product for personal branding, creating layouts, frames, etc.

(1) Free up memory space (RAM) intelligently to speed up the application of "Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon"
(2) Clean and delete all redundant files in the Cache and download folder to speed up the application. "Picture Maker: Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon"
(3) Close background apps and applications running under the hood that consume resources to cool phones and CPUs to speed up applications. "Design Logo, Poster, Banner, icon"

(1) Create layers that contain textures or images or background images to draw in frames.
(2) Make further, delete and move between layers - Layer (change the position that appears before the middle of the layers)
(3) Work on the layer containing the child element as the background image.
- Select the background image in the gallery and divide it into groups
- Move photo
- Zoom in and out
- Picture in angles.
- Flip the photo in the corner
- Cut the image in oval shape, rectangle
(4) Layer contains Texture
- Set Texture content - Set Text content
- Define image size setting
- Define font type (Arial, time new roman, UFT ...)
- Define the color setting (Set Color Texture)
- Define font style settings
- Move the texture to the desired position.
Work with layers that contain images and draw frames
- Perform photo frame support tools for drawing rectangle, oval, ring, star, round rectangle
- Choose a photo as the background image for the photo frame
(6) Choose color for photo frame:
- Set size (Set image size)
- Image moving tool
- Zoom in and out
- Picture in angles.
- Flip the photo in the corner
(7) Save the image after you have designed or edited the image
(8) Diverse sample photo library (over 1000 beautiful photo templates classified by 3 levels of directory tree)
(9) Setting: Multilanguage, Rate, More and Photo Sharing

(*) Professional tools for designing new graphics
(*) Professional tool for recoloring and editing photos.
(*) Font tools and they are supported by typographic.
(*) The professional layer management functions allow your working on comfortable layers.
Easy to save digital photos in the form of Logo Maker, Poster Maker, Poster Designer, Business Card, Card Creator,

Your social media needs to create branding advertisements in a short space of time: cover page, banner design, poster editor, icon design, cover design, Header design , Design Graphics, Design Cover photos, Design Thumbnails, Design Photo Catalog and more.

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